The main challenge in deploying commercial electric vehicle fleets is the time delay and cost associated with grid constraints.

This particularly impacts commercial fleet operators, bus companies and developers of rapid charging infrastructure as they usually have large loads connecting to the grid. As operators become amongst the largest commercial consumers of power, Zenobe provides a cost-effective vehicle charging solution in rapid timescales.

Zenobe accelerates the deployment of electric vehicles and provides intelligent software and hardware solutions to meet the power and energy needs of each site. We analyse site requirements and provide a bespoke solution that factors in the number of vehicles to be charged, their travel distances and the available site import capacity. The energy storage asset charges when it is not needed by the bus operator, using the available grid capacity, and then discharges this energy to the vehicles on their return. We source, install, finance and operate the assets to remove all the hassle associated with charging the vehicle fleet.

Zenobe was the first to provide this service in the UK and remains the leader in this field.

A close-up of a line of electric vehicles plugged in to charging stations


Zenobe Energy prides itself on developing intelligent energy storage solutions for all our clients and would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help. Please contact us on the details below.

Case study

Single stroey bus parked at a charging dock


There are many benefits to accelerating the rollout of electric vehicle (EV) fleets. They lower the quantity of harmful particulates in urban environments, reduce carbon emissions and have lower operating costs.

Issues arise when the operators of commercial and public transport fleets wish to connect and charge their fleets in depots with limited grid import connections.

Our approach

Zenobe Energy has recently installed a 400kW battery system at a park and ride bus depot in Guildford. Bus operator Stagecoach approached us because they needed a more cost-effective, timely solution than they had been offered.

Over an eight-week period, we sourced and installed our battery – including software and hardware solutions – to optimise performance. The battery charges during the day from the current grid connection and provides power to the buses in the night so that they are ready to go in the morning for commuters. Our solution eliminated the upfront capital cost. It is mobile in case the bus operators move depot and it was implemented in less than twenty per cent of the time and total cost quoted by the grid operator.

Zenobe has integrated this battery into its portfolio of other storage assets to access new sources of revenue, which further reduces operating costs for the bus operator.

In numbers

Tonnes of CO2 reduced a year and

tonnes of NOX a year

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