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Zenobe collaborates with businesses to maximise the operational, financial and environmental benefits achieved by the intelligent use of energy storage. We enable our customers to use power in cleaner, more flexible and more efficient ways. Together we are making a positive impact on our society, our environment and our future.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle charging station in Guildford

Zenobe uses its storage expertise to facilitate the rapid deployment of electric vehicles. Our services are focussed on bus and commercial fleet operators as well as owners of rapid charging infrastructure. We overcome grid constraints, reduce infrastructure and energy costs whilst optimising vehicle charging speeds.

Commercial and Industrial

Evening shot of powers stations with lights all over them

Zenobe reduces energy costs whilst improving reliability and environmental performance for power intensive businesses. For those with onsite generation, the innovative way we use storage can increase returns on this investment. These efficiencies improve earnings whilst requiring no capex investment from our customers.

Utilities and Infrastructure

High view of Aylesford site with battery containers
Zenobe works with network infrastructure companies such as power grids, water companies and rail networks. We identify innovative ways to reduce or eliminate reinforcement expenditure, increase reliability and improve the environment for customers. We are capable of delivering large scale projects which transform returns for investors and benefits for consumers.


Cost benefits

Zenobe supplies, finances, owns and operates energy storage assets. We reduce energy operating costs and provide access to new revenue streams. Our solutions require no up-front capital commitment from our customers.

We use our technology to change the load profile during peak periods when demand and prices are high. By doing this, we can reduce prices by up to a quarter – depending on the customer location and demand profile. We also provide reactive power solutions which lower the operating costs of running certain types of power-intensive equipment.

When a battery is not being used for an alternative application, we look to generate income from providing frequency balancing, power reserve and reactive power services to grid operators. Zenobe’s software and hardware solutions provide access to a wider range of power markets than any other UK battery storage player.

Graph showing that the battery charges during cheaper green tariff and discharges during expensive red tariff

Resilience, efficiency & environmental benefits

We can provide businesses with full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities. The rapid response time of our battery assets ensures there will be no loss of power quality to critical equipment. This mitigates the impact of increasingly common power cuts, voltage dips and brownouts while reducing the need for on-site backup generation.

Zenobe commits to enabling a cleaner and more efficient power system. Our storage systems produce zero emissions and can replace slower, less efficient alternatives such as peaking plants and diesel backup generators. We are continually innovating to find new ways to make power supplies more resilient, reliable and sustainable.

Graph showing electricity price market volatility

We reduce energy operating costs and provide access to new revenue streams.

About Zenobe

Ground level view of Aylesford site with battery containers

Zenobe Energy is the UK’s leading owner and operator of battery storage. We provide unrivalled services to commercial EV operators, industrial and commercial businesses and utilities.

We have a track record of being first to market with innovative solutions for our customers. We were the first battery operator in the UK’s Fast Reserve market, the first to provide storage and charging solutions for EV bus operators and the first to raise non-recourse senior debt on batteries to lower costs for customers.

We intend to be the first choice for energy-intensive businesses who want to transform their use of power.

Our proprietary software and hardware systems enable us to integrate different assets and operating models to provide lower costs and enhanced resilience to our customers. We also improve returns for customers who own their own generation assets.

Zenobe aims to be the first choice for energy-intensive businesses who want to transform their use of power. Today we own and operate over 70MW of battery storage assets at nine sites across the UK, including the largest BYD and Tesla installations in the UK. We also own batteries providing flexible power solutions to bus operators and have a pipeline of projects in the UK and abroad.

Zenobe is backed by the world’s leading strategic investors in energy storage, Jera Co. Inc., Tepco Power Grid Inc. and Tiger Infrastructure Partners. When combined with investment from our founders and private investors, we have an equity capital base of over £70 million and have secured over £30 million in debt facilities. Our strong capital and knowledge base, as well as access to a global supply chain, means we are uniquely positioned to meet customer demands with innovative solutions.


Zenobe Energy prides itself on developing intelligent energy storage solutions for all our clients and would welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help. Please contact us on the details below.

Our sites

Zenobe Energy has deployed 73MW at nine sites in the past two years. Our sites range from Aylesford at 29MW, which helps maintain the grid frequency, to Guildford at 400kW that enables the smart charging of electric buses.